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Human Resources
Our Quality Policies For Human Resources:

  • Respect the humanistic values of our workers
  • Correct authorization and empowerment within a simple organization structure
  • Providing institutional development by ensuring workers’ development within an efficient training program
  • Qualified personnel selection
  • Fostering and nurturing a Common culture within the corporation
  • Career planning opportunities
  • Providing high motivation and development through an efficient performance evaluation system
  • Providing ownership, unity and solidarity within social activities

Our Recruiting and Placement Process

All applications made for Occupational positions based on our classified ads are evaluated by the Department of the Human Resources. The qualifications and the personal characteristics that the job requires are carefully matched within the content of our recruitment process. In this way, people are assigned to appropriate positions in line with their experience base.

All applications will be analyzed on an individual basis within the framework of confidentiality principles and will be kept in our archives.
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