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As Elso Kimya, we can present our metallic pigment, pearlescent pigment and glitter pigment products to our customers based on the long term cooperation we have made with the world’s leading firms in the domain of effect pigments.


AVL Metal Powders who we represent in Turkey, was established in 1937 by André van Lerberghe. The aluminum and bronze metal pigment production which started with a couple of devices at first have also been developed in paste format and with the production of Aluminum powder for concrete. AVL Metal Powders has reached big volumes over the years and has become a firm that is listed among the world leaders in its own field working with state of the art technology and a good quality to price ratio advantage. The ascendancy of this company to these levels is based on the achievement of the integration of the extraordinary efforts and time that 3 generations have put in research and development works.

Today, the success that AVL Metal Powders has achieved in years has allowed it to export 90% of its aluminum and bronze production in powder, granule and paste form. These products which are produced with the superior quality standards in its factory in Belgium are used in various sectors such as Textiles, Plastic, Master batch, Printing İnks, Paints, Woodwork, Cosmetic Products, Fireworks and Concrete.

The aluminum and bronze powders production is realized with the mechanic hammering system which is specific to its technology and according to the usage of our customers; it is produced in a way which can be appropriate to different sectors. The product varieties are powder or paste pigments based on solvent and water-soluble solvents.

The aluminum and bronze pigments which are produced by using the knowledge and experiences of the personnel in utilizing modern machinery have allowed us to present a product portfolio which is very reliable and carrying quality advantages when compared with the products of our competitors.

While all of these developments are realized, great care has been shown not to damage the surrounding nature in any way.
Aluminum Pigment
• Extra Brilliant 02 - (80 micron) Leafing Type
• Brilliant 04 - (70 micron) Leafing Type
• Half Fine 06 - (55 micron) Leafing Type
• Fine 08 - (40 micron) Leafing Type
• Extra Fine 880 - (30 micron) Leafing Type
• Superfine 8880 - (20 micron) Leafing Type
• Ultra Fine 8980 - (14 micron) Leafing Type
• Miral 80000 - (9 micron) Leafing Type
• Miral 80000/A - (7 micron) Leafing Type
• Miral 90000/A - (5,5 micron) Leafing Type
• Miral 70000/2/NL - (14 micron) non-leafing Type
Bronze Pigment
• Brilliant 2500 (42 micron)
• Fine 36 (28 micron)
• Fine 4000 (19 micron)
• Extra Fine 5000 (15 micron)
• Superfine 6000 (12 micron)
• 9000 (9 micron)
• 13000 (7 micron)
• Ultra Fine FT (3 micron)
Copper Pigment
• Copper Gold 2500 (42 micron)
• Copper Gold 36 (28 micron)
• Copper Gold 4000 (19 micron)
• Copper Gold 5000 (15 micron)
• Copper Gold 6000 (12 micron)
• Deep Gold 36(30 micron)
• Deep Gold 4000 (19 micron)

Flavor Fragrance Pigment
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